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For High School Educators

June 10 to Aug 4        Economics Online Statewide.  Conducted by:  Lynchburg/VCU.
June 17 to 21              Personal Finance. Held in Roanoke.  Conducted by VA Tech
June 24 to 28              Personal Finance. Held in Chesapeake. Conducted by ODU.
June 25 to 27              Part A Economics. Held in Fairfax.  Conducted by GMU and VCU.
June 28 &  July 1-2   Part B Economics. Held in Fairfax.  Conducted by GMU and VCU.
Aug 5 to 9                     Personal Finance. Held in Prince William. Conducted by GMU.

Both High and Middle School Educators

March 2-18                  
Held in Roanoke.Conducted by VA Tech.
June 17-21
Held in Harrisonburg. Conducted by JMU.
July 8-11
Held in Lynchburg. Conducted by University of Lynchburg.
July 15-18
Held in Stafford. Conducted by UMW and GMU.
Aug 7, 8, 9 & 12 
Held in VA Beach. Conducted by ODU.

For Elementary School Educators

March 4 to April 14   K-5 Economics Online Statewide.  Conducted by ODU.
June 6 to 7                      K-3 Economics.  Held in Lynchburg.  Conducted by University of Lynchburg.
July 22 to 24                 Mini-Economy.  Held in Harrisonburg.  Conducted by JMU
July 25 to 26                 K-3 Economics.  Held in Virginia Beach. Conducted by ODU.
July 30 to Aug 1          Mini-Economy.  Held in Richmond.  Conducted by VCU.


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Thanks to sponsors of the Fund for Teaching Excellence who make VCEE Institutes possible at no charge to teachers or school divisions.

A number of shorter programs are available throughout the year and can be found by searching here.