State Standards

Click here for the History and Social Science Standards of Learning and Curriculum Framework for 2015.  The 2015 SOL added skills to be emphasized K-12.  These include using economic reasoning to make informed decisions (Skill 1.h).  Information on how to apply this skill can be found here. 

national standards:

K-12 National Standards for Financial Literacy
K-12 Voluntary National Content Standards in Economics


Written by VCDragons ColoringBookEE to accompany Dragons Decide: A Free Enterprise Coloring Book, K-3 teachers this Teacher’s Guide (lesson plans) covers most of the economics related concepts in Virginia’s Social Science SOL for grades K-3.

Reconsidering Wants and Needs, by Suzanne Gallagher and Shannon Hodges. Article and activities

Color the Economic Concepts
Sets of Color the Economics Concepts posters are available, click here for more information.

Literature Econ Math Connections – A list of 21 children’s books (K-3) that reinforce Virginia’s K-3 Mathematics SOL and economics concepts in Social Science SOL. Compiled by GMU and JMU Centers for Economic Education.
Online Economics Lessons for Elementary Grades – Identified by JMU Center for Economic Education
VCEE Economic Educator Award Winners – with lesson plans – online lessons, videos, interactives and current event connections – online lessons, videos and interactives developed by the Federal Reserve System for teachers

EconEd Reviews  search for lessons by economic concept, subject, grade level, standard, quality and/or sponsoring organization



Professional Development for Teachers: WorkshopsProfessional Development & Certification

Curriculum Resources: Color the Concepts, Reading Makes Cent$, State Standards & Resources

Programs for Students and TeachersMini-Economy, Stock Market GameTM, Economic Educator Awards