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2017 Mini Economy Market Day: a record breaker!

VCEE/VCU Mini Economy Market Day is breaking records in 2017!
1,605 students (3rd-5th graders)
11 school divisions
23 schools
76 teachers
The biggest success is knowing so many students and teachers have benefited from the mini-economy program in the classroom. Lessons learned truly last a lifetime.


Governor Announces VCEE’s Life After High School Workshops

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe announced a new series for middle and high school teachers and counselors that will support Virginia’s students as they plan to obtain a post-secondary degree or credential. Life After High School: Navigating education, career and debt was developed in partnership with the Virginia Council on Economic Education (VCEE), its affiliated university-based Centers for Economic Education, and the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond. The program is provided at no charge to Virginia teachers or school divisions through support from the Fund for Teaching Excellence.

“Providing Virginia students with the skills they need to make fiscally-sound decisions is critical to their success in higher ed and beyond,” said Governor McAuliffe. “The knowledge our educators will gain from this series will help them prepare our young people to become smart, savvy consumers who are ready to achieve their goals and contribute to the new Virginia economy.

Click here to read more from the Governor’s press release.

VCEE Honors S. Buford Scott

Longtime VCEE Board member, former Chair — and true heart of the organization– S. Buford Scott, was honored November 16th at the Commonwealth Club in Richmond. The celebration marked Buford’s 46 years of service to VCEE and his passion for economic education. Buford Scott & William A. Forbes Public Awareness Award 11-16-16 (2) Host for the evening was the Honorable Gerald L. Baliles, former Governor of Virginia, with a keynote address delivered by Jeffrey M. Lacker, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond.

The S. Buford Scott Endowment for Economic Education in Virginia is being established to honor Buford’s achievements and ensure that Virginia continues to lead the way in providing the best possible economic education to its students. By supporting this endowment, VCEE is able to expand its impact today, and enable Buford’s vision of financial literacy-for-all to reach generations to come. Stewardship for the endowment will be provided by The Community Foundation Serving Richmond and Central Virginia. To donate, click here.