• Economic Educator Awards Submission Form for Lesson, Unit, or Performance-Based Assessment

    Additional Guidelines: 1. Please write in third person, since winning lessons will be published for other teachers to use. Imagine what a published lesson plan should look and sound like. 2. Do not write in first person, as if you are reporting how the lesson worked in class. 3. If you want to report classroom successes with your lesson, please upload them as a supplementary file below. You can write in first person there.
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  • This is an introduction to the lesson that describes the main activities and student outcomes, not a full lesson procedure. 500 word limit for this box.
  • Please list at most six SOLs that the lesson covers. Include the entire SOL description. 500 word limit for this box.
  • Provide step-by-step instructions for the entire lesson. If you are submitting a unit plan, write an outline of the plan for each day.
  • How can you tell what students learned? 500 word limit for this box.
  • Describe extensions that can enrich the lesson for further learning, and/or modifications that can improve accessibility for students with learning disabilities. 500 word limit for this box.
  • Visual aids, handouts, artifacts from class, etc. Please include anything that other teachers would need in order to replicate this lesson.
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    • 500 word limit for this box.
    • Your signature affirms that you have given accurate information in all parts of your entry. It also affirms that the activities, projects, resources and/or lessons submitted are your original work (excepted where credited otherwise). By signing this entry you are giving the Virginia Council for Economic Education permission to place portions of your entry on the VCEE website or otherwise to utilize all or any portion of your entry in the fulfillment of the mission of VCEE. Award winners may receive a gift of gratitude from VCEE partners and/or sponsors. Personal contact information might be shared with those partners and/or sponsors for this purpose only (and not for promotion).
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