Awards Submission Form

Awards Submission Form for Lesson (2021)

  • Economic Educator Awards Submission Form for Lesson, Unit, or Performance-Based Assessment

  • II. Abstract:

  • 500 word limit for this box and the next combined
  • III. Economic Content and Key Concepts:

  • 500 word limit for this box and the next combined
  • IV. Economic Standards and Student Learning Outcomes:

  • 500 word limit for this box and the next two combined (section IV)
  • V. Instructional Process:

  • Detailed instructions that would enable ANY teacher to effectively use your project in a different classroom. Entry should display innovation, creativity, involve active student learning and participation. Be sure to provide the appropriate citations for any non-original elements in the lesson/unit.
  • Drop files here or
    Feel free to submit any photos or additional materials to support your entry.
  • Or upload your file to our Google Drive. Please create a folder to match your submission title above. You will need to highlight, copy, and paste the URL into your browser.
  • VI. Evaluation:

  • Include evidence of student learning which may be formal or observational/behavioral.
  • Your signature affirms that you have given accurate information in all parts of your entry. It also affirms that the activities, projects, resources and/or lessons submitted are your original work (excepted where credited otherwise). By signing this entry you are giving the Virginia Council for Economic Education permission to place portions of your entry on the VCEE website or otherwise to utilize all or any portion of your entry in the fulfillment of the mission of VCEE. Award winners may receive a gift of gratitude from VCEE partners and/or sponsors. Personal contact information might be shared with those partners and/or sponsors for this purpose only (and not for promotion).

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