Get ready to kick off The BIG GAME of Econ as we launch VCEE’s 31 Days of Econ to celebrate #EconEdMonth!

We’re celebrating economic education all month long, and we’re starting with an opening statement from our President and CEO of VCEE, Daniel R. Mortensen:

“Studying economics helps one understand how the world works and why people make certain decisions, ranging from government policy decisions that affect an entire nation to an individual’s decision about what they will have for lunch. Scarcity requires the assessment of tradeoffs, involving the evaluation of costs and benefits in pursuit of optimization. This applies to time, money, and resources and is true for individual people, as well as families, organizations, businesses, cities, states, and nations. Knowledge of economics will help Virginia’s students become responsible producers, consumers, and citizens.”

Just like in football, where every play involves strategy, teamwork, and decision-making, economics is the playbook for understanding the world around us. Whether it’s a game-changing policy decision or a personal choice, economics is the key to making informed and responsible decisions.

Stay tuned for daily posts that will make you the MVP of economic knowledge! Let’s huddle up and make this EconEdMonth one for the record books.

  • MONDAYS: Quick Hit Webinar Huddles
  • TUESDAYS: Special Teams – Learn about our Centers!
  • WEDNESDAYS: Win-It Wednesday
  • THURSDAYS: Program Blitz
  • FRIDAYS: Don’t Fumble: Learn A Fun Econ Fact
  • SATURDAYS: Econ Overtime: Donor Spotlights
  • SUNDAYS: All-Star Sundays : Meet the MVPs of Econ