Here is a message from our CEO and President, Mr. Daniel Mortensen:

“Live within your means.” “Save up for the things you want to buy.” “Don’t spend money you don’t have.”

These are pieces of advice that I received from my parents to help me manage my money, when I was growing up. At age 9, living in Minnesota, I began earning money by shoveling snow from my neighbors’ sidewalks and driveways. That money was placed into a savings account that my father and I opened. Over the years, through high school, my earnings from various jobs were deposited into that savings account, which continued to grow, aided by compound interest. Though some of it was used for spending money, the rest of the money was used to pay for my college education, an investment that definitely provided a positive return for me.

The advice my parents gave me about responsibly managing my personal finances has served me well over the years. Unfortunately, not every young person is able to learn these valuable lessons at home. That is why the ability to gain an education in economics and personal finance in school is so important, and why it helps to level the playing field for all students. At VCEE, we advocate for economic and financial education, and we help prepare Virginia’s K-12 teachers to effectively teach these subjects to their students. We want every student to learn these essential life skills that will benefit them, regardless of their personal circumstances or future vocation.

This month, join us as we educate, share free resources and engage with our amazing educators as we all continue to Empower Futures, One Dollar at a Time!

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