Introducing…SLOTH & SQUIRREL IN A PICKLE one of our 2021-2022 Reading Makes Cents title. This book is written by Cathy Ballou Mealey, illustrated by Kelly Collier printed by Kids Can Press in 2021.

A pair of unlikely friends, decide they would like a new tandem bike find a job packing pickles. Squirrel’s plan to specialize, with him packing the jars and Sloth attaching the labels, backfires. The entrepreneurial friends turn their mistake into a unique business, make a profit, and surpass their goal.

Reading level: 2.0
Interest level: K-3

Economic Concepts:
• Jobs
• Income
• Money
• Entrepreneurship
• Productive
• Resources
• Earning
• Profit
• Producers
• Consumers
• Opportunity Cost
• Specialization
• Production

All Virginia elementary school librarians are invited to complete a simple application in order to bring Reading Makes Cents to your school courtesy of Virginia529.

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