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As the education landscape changes to distance learning for the forseeable future, the SIFMA Foundation has been working hard to support our teachers in continuing to offer the SMG program to students.

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Teacher Guides
Lesson Plans
  • After the Bell…Before the Curtain: (A play) Review terms and concepts from SMG. Winning is not the most important part of the simulation.
  • Black Thursday…Will History Repeat Itself?: Use current conditions to research and highlight the crash that precipitated the Great Depression.
  • Chocolate Charts: Team will develop charts and graphs based on portfolio.
  • How do I Make a Million Dollars That Is: Questions to help develop math calculations, matrices, graphs, charts, spreadsheets, averages, and percentages.
  • How To Choose a Stock: Lesson 14, from Learning from the Market
  • SMG Power Point Project Portfolio: Team will develop a  presentation based on portfolio
  • Stock Market Savvy: Investing for your future. Designed for middle school and high school students, this program contains eight activities that introduce students to the financial world of long-term savings and investment in stocks.
Integration Across the Curriculum & Support of Multiple Standards of Learning

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