After the Bell…Before the Curtain: (A play) Review terms and concepts from SMG. Winning is not the most important part of the simulation.
Black Thursday…Will History Repeat Itself?: Use current conditions to research and highlight the crash that precipitated the Great Depression.
Chocolate Charts: Team will develop charts and graphs based on portfolio.
How do I make a million…Dollars that is!: Questions to help develop math calculations, matrices, graphs, charts, spreadsheets, averages and percentages.
How To Choose a Stock: Lesson 14, from Learning from the Market
SMG Powerpoint Project Portfolio: Team will develop presentation based on portfolio
Stock Market Savvy: Investing for your future. Designed for middle school and high school students, this program contains eight activities that introduce students to the financial world of long term savings and investment in stocks.

Training Videos

Rules of the SMG 2017-18 – a video ‘walking you through’ the updated rules of the SMG
SMG Teacher Support Center – a video on the information and lessons available to teachers on the SMG website
Enter a Trade – a video demonstrating how to make transactions on SMG

Handouts for students

Trading the SMG Way – handout on making stock transactions on SMG
SMG Stock Research Worksheet
Interpreting Stock Quote – glossary of terms involved in a stock quote
Bonds the SMG Way – step by step instructions for buying bonds in the SMG portfolio
When You Sell Short – the reasoning being selling short and examples of the math involved
Your SMG Margin
Meet Your Margin– explains what buying on the margin means and what different stock purchasing options are for investors
The Equity Rule – explains the Maximum Percent Equity rule, in place for SMG particpants in order to encourage them to diversify their portfolios.
The Stock Market – newspaper-based activities for teachers introducing their students to the stock market and investing
American Alphabet Cody – corporate trademarks/logos for students to identify

Additional info for teachers

Anatomy of an SMG Trade – helpful timeline information
Understanding Mutual Funds – 50 page booklet on mutual funds
List of publicly traded companies with Virginia headquarters  these companies trade on a variety of exchanges; therefore some may not be available for purchase in The Stock Market Game
Sample Letter to Parents – sample letter to introduce SMG to parents/guardians and how they can reinforce and encourage student learning
SMG Participation Certificate – downloadable certificate for student participants

External Links

American Stock Exchange
CBS Market Watch
EDGAR Database of Corporate Information
Hoover’s Online: Have the product and do not know the parent corporation? (type in name of product after “for”)
ICI: Mutual funds
Investor Protection Trust  The Basics of Saving and Investing: Investor Education 2020 guide is an investor education and protection teaching guide developed for high school teachers
Learning Earning and Investing: latest lesson plans developed by the Council on Economic Education. Some topics include:savings accounts, mutual funds, how to buy and sell stocks
Moody’s Investor’s Service: Moody’s Investors Service – ratings, research and data
Motley Fool
My Money – Federal Government’s website dedicated to helping Americans understand more about their money: how to save, invest and manage it to meet your personal goals
Nasdaq Stock Market
New York Stock Exchange
The Young Investor Web site
Yahoo: Finance