There are numerous ways the Stock Market Game program can be used to help teach and reinforce Virginia’s Standards of Learning. SOL correlations to the twelve core lessons on the SMG site are provided below.

  • Grade 4: Social Studies, Mathematics and English
  • Grade 5: Social Studies, Mathematics and English
  • Grade 6-8 Social Studies
  • Grade 6-8 Mathematics
  • Grade 6-8 English
  • High School Mathematics
  • High School Social Studies
  • High School English
  • High School Economics and Personal Finance

Description of SMG Core Curriculum Lessons

The Stock Market Game is also a valuable learning tool for many CTE courses such as Business and Marketing.  Below are the correlations with the core competencies for several CTE courses.

  • Finance 6120
  • Principles of Business and Marketing 6115
  • Business Management 6135
  • Accounting 6320

Independent research has shown the SMG is a:

Proven tool for improving comprehension of mathematics concepts.  In a study conducted by Learning Points Associates, students scored significantly higher on NAEP standardized math tests than their peers who did not participate in the SMG.

Proven tool for improving economic understanding.  In a review of NAEP high school economics test results, students who participated in the SMG out-performed the national average overall and in every category measured.

Proven tool for increasing teacher and student understanding of investment and financial planning concepts.