SMG in 12 Easy Steps – suggestions for implementing the SMG into the classroom

Rules of the SMG

Training Videos

Rules of the SMG 2014-15 – a video ‘walking you through’ the updated rules of the SMG

SMG Teacher Support Center – a video on the information and lessons available to teachers on the SMG website

Enter a Trade – a video demonstrating how to make transactions on SMG.


Trading the SMG Way  – a handout on making stock transactions on SMG.

Bonds the SMG Way – provides step by step instructions for buying bonds in the SMG portfolio.

Selling Short – gives outlines and examples of what it means to sell a stock short.

Meet Your Margin– explains what buying on the margin means and what different stock purchasing options are for investors

Sample Letter to Send Home – a sample letter that can be sent home to introduce the SMG to parents/guardians and how they can reinforce and encourage student learning

Troubleshooting – assists teachers in resolving possible technical problems

Promotional Game – Go to registration page and choose appropriate promotional period under the drop-down menu.

The Equity Rule – explains the Maximum Percent Equity rule, in place for SMG particpants in order to encourage them to diversify their portfolios.  Go to for more information.

American Alphabet Cody –  Can your students identify these corporate trademarks/logos, etc.?

Anatomy of an SMG Trade – helpful timeline information

FAQs – frequently asked questions for the SMG

Interpreting a Stock Quote – glossary of terms involved in a stock quote

SMG Stock Research Worksheet

When You Sell Short – the reasoning behing selling short and examples of the math involved

List of companies with Virginia headquarters  NOTE: These companies trade on a variety of exchanges; therefore, some may not be available for purchase in The Stock Market Game.  VA companies that no longer actively trade on any major stock exchange were removed from this list.