Get ready to tackle the world of economics because #EconEdMonth is less than a month away!

Mark your calendars for October 1, 2023 when we kick off The BIG GAME OF ECON!

Wondering what it’s all about? Here’s the scoop: This month-long extravaganza is designed to help our educators teach their students to understand how everyday economic decisions and policies affect their lives, their families, and their world.

So, gear up for a month full of economic insights, tips, and tricks to level up your financial game and maybe win some amazing prizes along the way!

Econ Ed Month Lineup:

  • MONDAYS: Quick Hit Webinar Huddles
  • TUESDAYS: Special Teams – Learn about our Centers!
  • WEDNESDAYS: Win-It Wednesday
  • THURSDAYS: Program Blitz
  • FRIDAYS: Don’t Fumble: Learn A Fun Econ Fact
  • SATURDAYS: Econ Overtime: Donor Spotlights
  • SUNDAYS: All-Star Sundays : Meet the MVPs of Econ