Today, we’re kicking off our Thankful Thursday series by expressing our deepest gratitude to the amazing educators who have chosen VCEE for their Professional Development journey. Your commitment to lifelong learning inspires us every single day!

We are honored to share a powerful testimonial from Paul Wardinski, a retired educator with a wealth of experience including high school principal, central office director, and non-profit executive, currently teaching at Fairfax County Public Schools:

“I am a retired educator who came back to teaching to help with the teacher shortage. I did not have to take this class, but chose to for multiple reasons. One being a role model to my students as a lifelong learner. The other to help me be more valuable to my principal since I would be able to teach EPF now. The materials and hands-on learning, despite it being virtual, were real-world, timely, and effective! You get to see what and how many resources are available to you from a variety of sources. Truly amazing and a little overwhelming at the same time. Come ready to work hard, learn a lot, and be more educated on this subject in the end!” – Paul Wardinski, Fairfax County Public School Teacher

Paul’s journey exemplifies the dedication and passion that educators bring to their profession. We are incredibly thankful for educators like Paul who go above and beyond to support their students and colleagues.

Stay tuned as we continue to spotlight more inspiring testimonials throughout the month. Together, we’re shaping the future of education!