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Family Financial Fun Night

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Old Dominion University Center for Economic Education

Nov 14, 2019
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
Douglass Park Elementary School
34 Grand Street
Portsmouth, VA
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Grade Level: Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5, Kindergarten


There were six stations, and each needed at least one volunteer – two would have been better.  Wells Fargo volunteers were an important part of the success of the program.   Their enthusiastic interactions with students and their parents was really appreciated.   Going forward this event would need at least 14 volunteers at a minimum.   2 per activity station, one for the food station, and one to check students/parents in and out and collect evals.    We gave evaluations out at the end.   Next time we will give them out at the beginning as the activities ran together and it was hard to remember which one was at which station. 


Dinner was provided.  Sandwiches, chips, cookies, and juice boxes/water.   This was preferable to pizza which would have gotten cold over the course of the evening 


The Tool Kit that was provided by CEE was not a good fit for the school.   The activities were upper-level elementary and because Douglass Park was K-6 we needed to provided activities for lower and upper elementary.    For our program, each station had 3 separate activities at three different levels.   See attached organization chart.  Some of these I took from EconEdLink, some from FFFL K-2, and others I created.    I think that the activities could be even more interactive in the future.   I would love to see some that are more like a school fair – ring and bean bag toss for example – and are more physical.  


Students who completed an activity at each of the 6 stations were able to receive a prize.   This is another area that could have been improved.   The pink squishy pigs that were provided were a disappointment.   They were also not a big hit with the boys.  Thankfully the pink pigs were supplemented by squishy Wells Fargo wagons.     In the future – a plastic piggy bank where students could save money would make a lot more sense for this program.  



Instructor: Ruth
Contact Person:
Amy Hager
Center for Economic Education
Old Dominion University

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