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Online Entrepreneurship Institute (Part B): Business Plan

Developing business plans capitalizes on inquiry, performance, and project-based learning that optimizes student engagement while unleashing student potential.

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Virginia Tech Center for Economic Education

Mar 01, 2021 - Mar 31, 2021
12:00 am
Grade Level: High School, Middle School
Potential Recertification Credits: 22

Entrepreneurial skills are 21st century skills that advance Virginia’s 5 C’s and Profile of a Graduate learning objectives while preparing students for the new Innovation/Gig Economy and as better employees (i.e., intrapreneurship) and citizens (i.e., social entrepreneurship).  Moreover, research suggests that entrepreneurship education is a real “game-changer” for students, especially those in impoverished rural and urban areas, because it develops self-efficacy, intrinsic motivation, growth mindset, resourcefulness, resiliency, and calculated risk-taking—to name a few.  Developing business plans capitalizes on inquiry, performance, and project-based learning that optimizes student engagement while unleashing student potential.

The overarching Institute goal is to streamline a blend of entrepreneurship content and pedagogy by teachers reviewing instructional resources that can be easily and quickly customized for the students and subjects they teach.  More specifically, this 4-week, 22-hour online Institute is mostly self-paced with four synchronous Zoom meetings, featuring Virginia entrepreneurs who will share “lessons learned” and peer feedback breakout groups.  The Institute “textbook” is comprised of the latest and greatest online, free, real-world, entrepreneurship resources (e.g., textbook, articles, videos, lessons, etc.) organized into modules around business plan components such as resource and operations planning, marketing plan, financial statements, business taxes and insurance, launching and growth strategies, and pitching to investors.

The Online Entrepreneurship Institute (Part A): Entrepreneurial Mindset is not a prerequisite; however, it will be offered again in Summer 2021 (dates TBA) for an additional 23 recertification hours.  Teachers who complete Part A and Part B (not necessarily in that order) will earn the “VCEE Certified Entrepreneurship Educator” credential upon passing a post-test.


Additional Information:

The Institute syllabus and other pertinent information will be emailed to registered participants the week before the Institute starts on March 1, 2021.

Instructor: Cheryl A. Ayers, Ph.D., Co-Director
Contact Person:
Cheryl A. Ayers, Ph.D., Co-Director
Center for Economic Education
Virginia Tech

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