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Spooky Topics in Econ: The Darkside of Corporate Welfare

It shouldn’t surprise any of us that the term capitalism is becoming a heated word in the American lexicon. The prevalence of corporate welfare in major business announcements further blurs the line between market capitalism and crony capitalism. Foster a critical conversation of the incentives impacting government subsidies through a game theory simulation and cost/benefit analysis of corporate welfare as a political tool.

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Virginia Council on Economic Education Center for Economic Education

Oct 19, 2023
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Grade Level: High School, Middle School
Potential Recertification Credits: 1

Beware, brave educators, for as All Hallows’ Eve draws near, shadows cast over the very words that once held clarity in our nation’s lexicon. The term ‘capitalism‘ now echoes through the corridors like an eerie whisper, sending chills down the spine of the American ethos. The haunting specters of corporate welfare materialize in every corner, making it ever harder to distinguish the ethereal boundary between market capitalism and its colluding doppelgänger, crony capitalism.

Dare you join this macabre gathering? Embark on a ghoulish journey as we conjure a game theory simulation from the depths of the netherworld. Through these ghostly exercises, we’ll dissect the incentives that influence the goblins and ghouls of government subsidies. Beware, for not everything is as it seems; together, we will unravel the cost/benefit analysis of corporate welfare, unmasking its true form as a sinister political tool.

Come, if you dare, and partake in this spectral conversation. And..May the markets be ever in your favor!


Instructor: Joel Miller, Foundation for Economic Education
Contact Person:
O. Kate Scott, VCEE Vice President of Programs
Center for Economic Education
Virginia Council on Economic Education

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