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Online Entrepreneurship Institute (Part A): Entrepreneurial Mindset

Supporting Center: Virginia Tech
Jun 01, 2021 - Jun 21, 2021, All Day

Developing an entrepreneurial mindset (e.g., creative thinking and problem-solving) easily integrates across grades/subjects while optimizing engagement by unleashing student potential to pursue interests and abilities. Self-paced modules include 200+ online, free, real-world resources. Zoom classes include local entrepreneurs and peer collaboration time. Practical module assignments result in a collection of classroom-ready, multidisciplinary lessons. Topics include types of entrepreneurship, opportunity recognition, innovation, design thinking, lean canvas.

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Silk Roads and Sunken Cities: Economics in World History Institute

Supporting Center: Virginia Commonwealth University
Jul 19, 2021 - Jul 22, 2021
Monday, Synchronous online, 8:45 - 3:30pm   ||   Tuesday, Asynchronous at home   ||   Wednesday, Asynchronous at home   ||   Thursday, At VMFA (times TBD)

Economics has moved world history in surprising ways: it has been central in the spread of culture, ideas, money, and even diseases. This virtual institute will prepare teachers with fun and engaging inquiry-based lesson plans. Includes a tour of ancient history exhibits at the VMFA!

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