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 Fall, Spring and Year-Long Programs

The Stock Market Game™ is an online education program used to help teach math, social studies, business, economics, and language skills while learning about the stock market and how to invest wisely. Students in grades 4-12 participate in teams and manage a simulated investment portfolio. During each session, student teams compare the performance of their portfolios with other teams in Virginia and their region. They can continue to manage their portfolios beyond the competition periods.

Fall/Spring fee: $10 per team (2 to 4 students per team) •  Year-Long fee: $20 per team (2 to 4 students per team) • $25 for single team
REGISTRATION here  •  Teacher workshop/webinar details here

Invest It ForwardTM

Sign up to have industry professionals visit your classes to deepen students’ understanding of the role of capital markets in everyday life. Guest speakers enliven the classroom and provide a role model for students. Invest It ForwardTM provides speakers with presentation materials which correlate to the SMG. The program is free for teachers. To register, visit


Students and teachers already participating in the Stock Market Game™ should consider this national writing competition. A separate essay topic for elementary, middle and high school students stirs critical thinking and helps reinforce concepts. Essay questions are available on the InvestWrite website.

Fall 2018: 9/24 – 12/14/18; competition ends 12/14
Spring 2019: 2/4 – 6/7/19; competition ends 4/19
Year-Long: 9/24/18 – 6/7/19; competition ends 4/19
Key trading and Payment deadlines
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SMG Awards Luncheon: May 2019

QUESTIONS?  contact:  Diane Neylan, Stock Market Game Coordinator  804.837.3378

Reduced team fees for 2018-19 are made possible due to the generous financial support provided by BB&T Scott&Stringfellow. Thanks to Mid-Atlantic Security Traders, SIFMA Foundation & SIFMA Member Firms, Union Bank & Trust, and BB&T Scott&Stringfellow for their generous support of the Stock Market Game™ in Virginia.

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2018 MASTA High School Student Scholarship – $2000 scholarship available to HS seniors who have participated in SMG, due June 15.
2018 MASTA Teacher Scholarship for CEE Conference in Atlanta – scholarship available to teachers who have participated in SMG, due Aug 15.