“There is no other discipline where you’ve got a partner with you all the time. The better we teach it, the better the students learn…and we teach it much better with a partner like the Virginia Council on Economic Education.” ─ Fairfax County public school teacher

Professional Development

VCEE seeks to ensure that every Virginia student is taught economics and personal finance by a well qualified teacher. With support from foundations and businesses, VCEE and its affiliated university-based Centers for Economic Education provide K-12 teachers with many opportunities for professional development. There is no charge for most workshops.

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We salute K-12 teachers who invest in their own human capital to ensure they have up-to-date knowledge and comprehensive teaching strategies. Certification in economics and personal finance can be an important part of the process.

At the High School Level, VCEE has developed several comprehensive programs to enhance teachers’ ability to teach the required course in Economics and Personal Finance, providing a blend of content and hands-on resources. The requirements for obtaining each certification are set forth below.

VCEE Certified Economics Educator requires:

  1. Economics Institute (45 hours – full completion) The economic way of thinking turns basic concepts into life skills enabling students to make meaningful day-to-day decisions. Understand how market economies work and personal/societal implications of inflation, unemployment, and economic growth – and how these contribute to informed decision-making as consumers, producers, savers, investors, employees and citizens.
  2. Economics test – passing grade

VCEE Certified Personal Finance Educator requires:

  1. Personal Finance Institute (45 hours – full completion) Deepens knowledge of banking, credit, consumer rights and responsibilities, insurance, taxes, and financial planning. Content instruction is given by experts in various fields and activities-based resources are provided to help teachers take concepts back to students.
  2. W!SE Financial Literacy test – passing grade

VCEE Certified Entrepreneurship Educator requires:

  1. Entrepreneurship Institute (45 hours – full completion) Rooted in performance-based learning and assessment, the lessons and activities reinforce 21st century skills while covering most of the economics learning standards in Civics & Economics and Economics & Personal Finance as well as many of the Career Investigation competencies and some personal finance learning standards.  While not all students will choose an entrepreneurship career path, all will benefit from understanding the basic economics and entrepreneurship concepts constantly at play in the world.
  2. Passing grade on the post-test.

Certified Teachers

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