Virginia is moving toward greater use of performance assessments (see Board of Education’s Local Alternative Assessment Guidelines) and VCEE is here to help!

Below are some performance assessments developed to measure student SOL knowledge of economics—in a way that is interdisciplinary, authentic, and accessible. These and others are also found on the SCALE Performance Assessment Resources Bank. 

Grade 3 Performance Assessment
Mini-Economy Business Portfolio: What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur? The Mini-Economy Business Portfolio uses this compelling question to engage the learning needs of 21st-century students.  Each activity uses students’ knowledge of standards to build toward a coherent project goal: the creation of a flourishing classroom business. Includes a Project-Based Learning plan, pacing guide, and several stand-alone performance assessments.

United States History to 1865 Performance Assessment
Where to Go: New England, the Mid-Atlantic or the South?
 Students role-play a character who is seeking to immigrate to the New World during Colonial times. They must make a choice about where to settle and then write a persuasive letter to others about why it was a good choice.
       Copy of lesson to build knowledge prior to undertaking the performance assessment.

Teachers and school divisions are also encouraged to contact VCEE or an affiliated Center for Economic Education if they would like assistance with the application of economic content and skills as they develop or review performance assessments.

More information and the Virginia Quality Criterion Tool for Performance Based Assessments can be found on the Virginia Department of Education website.