Key in High School

ECONOMICS AND PERSONAL FINANCE – A capstone course building on concepts so students can be better decision makers as employees/entrepreneurs, consumers, borrowers, savers, investors and voters.

GOVERNMENT– Helps students understand the government’s role in a market economy and how to evaluate different approaches to political issues facing our communities, state and nation.

HISTORY – Looking at historical events through an economic lens helps students understand why events occurred as they did.

Why it’s Important?


  • Builds on student ability to use economic way of thinking to make better choices about using limited resources (weighing costs v benefits)
  • Improves chances for success in market economy because students understand how it works
  • Improves understanding of how a business works: costs must be contained to earn profits; prices and wages are based on supply & demand; businesses value employees with skills
  • Helps students make informed choices about spending, borrowing, saving, investing, reducing insurance risk and protecting credit

How We Do It

Professional Development for Teachers: WorkshopsProfessional Development & Certification

Curriculum ResourcesEcon & Finance CurriculumState Standards & Resources

Programs for Students and TeachersStock Market GameTMGovernor’s ChallengeEconomic Educator Awards

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