Mini Economy is experience-based instruction used to teach entrepreneurship, economics and government in the classroom. Conducted as a unit of study, this high-energy simulation focuses on economic concepts, financial literacy, classroom management and real-world market situations. Students establish their own society, design currency, plan and open businesses, and create a functioning government.

  • A student-structured economic society (with the guidance of a trained teacher)
  • Goal setting and responsibility
  • Cooperative learning
  • Experience with entrepreneurship in an authentic market situation
  • Creative problem solving

Crossover instruction in language arts, math, art and social studies.

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A Mini-Economy is a flexible and customizable classroom program that usually it runs for weeks or even months in your classroom.  Generally the program includes:

  • A system of money/currency that is exchanged, invested and managed
  • Support for starting start-ups and new businesses
  • A “Market Day” hosted at your school where students create and sell products and services to each other using the classroom currency
  • Government with elected representatives
  • Roles and job descriptions for each student
  • A process for collecting taxes and providing public services

Eager to learn more and see a preview?  See this Lesson Demo video: