Scope and Sequence: Below is a day-to-day approach for teaching Virginia’s high school Economics and Personal Finance course created by VCEE’s affiliated Centers for Economic Education.  Each day provides a brief overview of content, key vocabulary and relevant portions of the Virginia Board of Education’s curriculum framework, as well as teaching tips, lessons and resources.

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Introduction and Overview

Unit 1 – About Decisions (10 Days)

Unit 2 – Economic Systems (6 days)

Unit 3 – Producers and Consumers in a Market Economy (11 days)

Unit 4 – The Price System (11 days)

Unit 5 – How Are Businesses Organized (6 days)

Unit 6 – What Will Determine My Income (7 days)

Unit 7 – The Role of Government in a Market Economy (8 days)

Unit 8 – How Does the Health of the Economy Affect You? (6 days)

Unit 9 – Monetary and Fiscal Policy (11 days)

Unit 10 – We Are Part of the Global Economy (9 days)

Unit 11 – Goals, Saving, Interest and Banking (12 days)

Unit 12 – Investment & Saving Planning (11 days)

Unit 13 – Labor Markets, Human Capital and Income (9 days)

Unit 14 – Taxes (7 days)

Unit 15 – Budgeting and Consumer Skills (10 days)

Unit 16 – Planning for Living and Leisure (7 days)

Unit 17 – Credit (14 days)

Unit 18 – Events Affecting the Plan (11 days)


Professional Development for Teachers:
Professional Development & Certification

Curriculum Resources:
Econ & Finance Curriculum,
State Standards & Resources.
Click here for the Curriculum Framework as a PDF file.

Programs for Students and Teachers:
 Stock Market GameTM,
Governor’s Challenge,
Economic Educator Awards

VA Standards of Learning EPF Course Approved Nov. 2009

VA Standards of Learning Curriculum Framework, EPF Course, History and Social Studies – lessons, speakers, and classroom resources designed for Virginia teachers of the high school economics and personal finance course

econedlink-logoEconEd –  online lessons, videos, interactives and current event connections published by CEE for high school teachers

fed_reserve_edFederal Reserve – online lessons, videos and interactives developed by the Federal Reserve System for teachers