Reading Makes Cents is a statewide reading challenge for all elementary schools designed to introduce basic financial concepts to K-5 students.

All Virginia elementary school librarians are invited to complete a simple application in order to bring Reading Makes Cents to your school courtesy of Virginia529. Please visit to learn more and sign up.

Titles: “The Secret Garden of George Washington Carver” by Gene Barretta, “Someone Builds the Dream” by Lisa Wheeler, and “Give It!” by Cinders McLeod

Click here for the 2021 – 2022 lesson plans and activities.

Here’s how it works: Participating schools earn three free books (with library binding) for your library. In exchange, you agree to read and discuss the featured books with students, complete a post-program evaluation, and promote the program – including giving students the chance to win a $529 college savings account from Virginia529 and/or winning $500 worth of financial literacy books for your school library. This program is presented by Virginia529 and the Virginia Council on Economic Education with input and support from the Virginia Association of School Librarians.

The objective is to help students understand and apply the following Virginia History and Social Science Standards of Learning:

  • Saving and the importance of budgeting money to buy things in the future
  • People make choices because they cannot have everything they want and all choices have an opportunity cost (the second choice given up when making a choice)
  • Investing in your human capital (a person’s specific knowledge and skills)
  • People work at jobs to earn money

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You are currently viewing the 2021-2022 lesson plans and activities.

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Special thanks to the Virginia Association of School Librarians for valuable input in shaping this program.