Small student teams compete for awards by investing $100,000 in this comprehensive economics and personal finance education program for Grades 4 to 12.

The Stock Market Game is a comprehensive economics and personal finance education program for Grades 4 to 12.

Small student teams, made up of 2-4 students, compete for awards by investing $100,000 in an online, virtual portfolio.

The adult advisor/teacher registers the student teams. Student teams are provided online access to their own online investment portfolio.

Students research and apply their investment ideas in a real-world market environment.

Three Game Sessions for each year, click here to see the dates.

The Stock Market Game™ is conducted during the school year. There are three different game sessions during the school year:  Fall, Spring and Year-Long. Click here to see the dates.

Yes, a rigorous, randomized, controlled study by Learning Point Associates, a nonprofit education agency, found that students who participated in The Stock Market Game™ program scored significantly higher on mathematics and financial literacy tests than their peers who did not. Improvements in academic performance were achieved regardless of the classroom implementation of the Stock Market Game™ basic or advance. The study was conducted in 600 classrooms, with half of the classrooms playing in the Stock Market Game™ and half not playing.

Learning Point Associates also conducted a nationwide survey of nearly 5,000 teachers who taught with the Stock Market Game. The teachers reported that the program motivated them to better plan for their own future and to engage in financial planning, research, and use of investment products and services.

Link to download PDF Summary
Link to download PDF of the Full Study

The Stock Market Game is a project-based learning opportunity that surpasses subject area boundaries. Students master skills in not only mathematics, social sciences, and economics, but also language arts, civics, and more.

Click on this graphic organizer that shows skills students attain by participating in The Stock Market Game.

In addition to the national rules, Virginia’s rules include:
* Student teams consist of 2-4 students. Teams with one student or more than 4 will be placed in a special region and will not be eligible for end-of-competition awards at either the regional or state level.

* A student may not participate on more than one team during each game session. If this occurs, both teams will be disqualified from the competition portion of the SMG.

* Teams may hold no more than 20% of its equity in a single position. The system monitors this rule.

* All registration fees must be paid in full at least two weeks prior to the end of the competition in order for a team to qualify for a regional or state award.

To better understand the Virginia rules, download this PDF or contact

A complete set of the national SMG Program Rules can be found here (must be logged into SMG account to view)

Our FREE teacher workshops help you learn how to play the game and how to to integrate this flexible, hands-on program into your Math, English, Social Studies and Economics & Personal Finance curriculum.

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The Stock Market Game Teacher Resource Hub

Yes, students have access to the Stock Market Game app to manage their portfolios.

The mobile app works in conjunction with student team portfolios, engaging students in meaningful second-screen experiences. Sync with standard SMG portfolios’ current Account Summary, Pending Transactions, Transaction Notes, and market news information. Allow teams to look up ticker symbols and enter trades.

It can be downloaded from either the Apple App Store or via Google Play for Androids.

Registration Fee Per Student Team:

  • $10 per team for the Fall or Spring game session if the advisor registers more than one team in the session.
  • $20 per team for the Year session if the advisor registers more than one team.
  • $25 per team for the Fall or Spring session if the advisor registers only one team in the session.
  • $30 per team for the Year game session if the advisor registers only one team for that session.

Advisors may register a minimum of two students or up to a total of four students per team. Students may only participate on one team per Game Session (Fall, Spring and Yearlong).

Awards are presented to teams with the top-performing portfolios in their region and/or state. At the state level, awards are presented to:

• The top three schools for the Fall, Spring, and Yearlong Sessions

• The top high school, middle school and elementary school (if not already recognized in the top three overall teams)”

Teams are placed in regions based on the location of VCEE’s affiliated Centers for Economic Education. Regional awards are determined and presented by the Centers.

VIEW the 2021-2022 Virtual Awards Ceremony

Are only teachers allowed to register for SMG?
Any adult working with or intending to work with students of grades 4 through 12 can register to participate. This includes parents/guardians, mentors, non-profit organizations, etc. Interested students under the age of 18 should contact their teacher or other adult designees to assist with registration. NOTE: See “When can I register teams?” above
Is it possible for a student to participate independently?
Students can work at their own pace, independent of formal facilitated instruction with the assistance of our Stock Market Game Student Activity Packet coupled with our online student webinars. These resources will ensure that students can successfully engage with the program in a manner that is simple, activity-based, and fun. However, SMG registration must be completed and submitted by an adult.

Students may only participate on one team per Game Session (Fall, Spring and Yearlong).

What is the Capitol Hill Challenge?
The Capitol Hill Challenge is a separate educational opportunity that matches Members of Congress with students, teachers, and schools competing in The Stock Market Game™ in their respective district or state.    The top 10 Capitol Hill Challenge teams win a trip to Washington, D.C. to meet their Member of Congress and be recognized at an awards reception on Capitol Hill. During their visit, students and teachers will meet with business, government, and education leaders to learn about fiscal policy-making, the role of the capital markets, and global economic trends. The winners will also have the opportunity to tour financial landmarks and national monuments.>>Click Here for details.

What is InvestWrite National Writing Competition?
It is an innovative national writing competition, is a program of the SIFMA Foundation offered exclusively to teachers and students participating in The Stock Market Game.    There are usually two competition sessions:  1.) the Spring InvestWrite competition where registration opens in February with essays due in mid-April and 2.)  the Fall InvestWrite competition where registration opens in the Summer and essays are due in December.

InvestWrite® is a culminating activity for Stock Market Game students extending students’ classroom learning with a written challenge to address real-world financial issues and situations. Students must analyze, think critically and problem solve about a long-term saving and investing scenario. Some 20,000 student essays are evaluated by teachers and thousands of financial professionals serving as volunteer judges. Winners locally and nationally rise to the top to earn exciting prizes and recognition including a trip to New York City’s famed financial district.

For more details on  Fall and Summer InvestWrite registration and essay deadlines and requirements:    >> Click Here to view the InvestWrite website.

What is Invest it Forward?
Invest It Forward connects educators and classrooms with financial industry professionals and firms.  Teachers can request face-to-face meetings with financial professionals for their classrooms.  It is an industry-wide financial education and capital markets literacy initiative convening hundreds of financial firms that are committed to giving young Americans a solid understanding of the capital markets system and the invaluable tools to achieve their dreams.  The program features a new capital markets curriculum and a variety of volunteer opportunities across the country and throughout the year.  >>  Click here to learn more.  

Are There Additional Awards or Scholarships?

VCEE is proud to partner with the Mid-Atlantic Security Traders Association (MASTA) to help bring the Stock Market Game to Virginia students. As such, these students may be eligible to apply for a MASTA Foundation Scholarship to continue their learning at a two- or four-year institution. Learn more about the MASTA Foundation Scholarship — including its eligibility and requirements at

Find VCEE Stock Market Game scholarship information >>here<<

VCEE SMG Team Fee Waiver Opportunity 

Please complete the following form to apply for funding to cover some or all of your SMG team fees for the Spring game session of the 2022-2023 school year. Please Note: The completion of this application does not guarantee that funds will be awarded. The amount and number of fee waivers awarded are dependent on available funding.  If your application is approved, you will receive an email from a VCEE representative to notify you of the amount you will be awarded.

APPLICATIONS FOR THE SPRING 2023 GAMES ARE DUE BY 12/01/2022 Once your application is received, you will receive an acknowledgment form that must be signed by you and your building administrator.  Contact if you have questions. 

The 2021-22 Virginia Stock Market Game Program is supported by:
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