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Lemonade Stand Games:
How would you like to try your hand at operating a lemonade stand? You can do just that with these fun games below. Just click on the link to get started:
CoolMath Games
Oregon Museum of Science
Primary Games
Kids Math Games

Setting up your own Lemonade Stand:
Check out these links to see what it takes to set up your own lemonade stand in your neighborhood.
Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation
Lemons to Lemonade
Homemade Lemonade


: Want to find some fun ways
to learn about money? These online resources
have great family financial activities.

Lemonade War Family GuidesK-12-34-5
Financial Fables:  Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
Hands on Banking Website:  Hands on Banking  Also available for older students and adults here.
Money as You Grow Activities:  Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
Piggy Bank Primer eBook:  Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
Parent Guides:  Council for Economic Education (resources available in English or Spanish, K-5, 6-12)