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ECO 2550-01: Basic Economics and Financial Concepts (Online)

Want to deepen your knowledge of economic and financial concepts and gain engaging lessons and activities to share these important life skills with your students? Then this condensed online course may be for you.

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University of Virginia’s College at Wise Center for Economic Education

May 21, 2018 - Jun 22, 2018
12:00 am
Grade Level: High School, Middle School
Potential Recertification Credits: 48

The course is designed to educate the educators at the K-12 level. The course will educate the K-12 teachers about economics in everyday life with some basic microeconomics, macroeconomics, finance and current economic issues. Economics begins with the study of how individuals, firms, and other economic agents in our society make choices. Choices are unavoidable because desired goods and services are unlimited, while resources are inevitably scarce. The course will briefly cover the analysis of trade-off, demand and supply, market efficiency, externalities, consumer & production theory, GDP, unemployment, inflation, fiscal and monetary policy, investment, entrepreneurship, and personal finance.

The course is also designed to help build lesson plans, and activities to engage students at the secondary level about basic economic and financial concepts. The course will teach various active learning and instructional methods to educate your students.

The syllabus can be found here. Syllabus-Eco 2550 (Khan_Summer 2018)


Additional Information:

Registration is through University of Virginia's College at Wise. Contact Dr. Zafar Khan at or (276) 328 0119 to find out details.

Instructor: Zafar Khan, PhD, Director
Contact Person:
Zafar Khan, PhD, Director
Center for Economic Education
University of Virginia’s College at Wise

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