Envisioning a Virginia in which every citizen is economically and financially literate

Virginia Council on Economic Education

VCEE is the primary resource for Virginia’s K-12 teachers and school divisions seeking training and classroom resources for economic and financial education, at little or no cost thanks to financial support from partners.

VCEE is an advocate and resource for:

  • Required high school course in economics and personal finance
  • Inclusion of key economic concepts at each grade level K-12
  • Teachers, school divisions, local and state governments

VCEE Centers

VCEE supports a statewide network of Centers for Economic Education located at colleges and universities around Virginia. Institutes held at the Centers provide training and resources, and staff help facilitate efforts with local school divisions.

Teacher Workshops


Students in grades 4-12 manage a simulated investment portfolio and compete with teams across the state. In this popular program of real-world skill, students learn saving and investing, sharpen math and research skills, and see market forces at work. Workshops for teachers also available.



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