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  • After the Bell…Before the Curtain: (A play) Review terms and concepts from SMG. Winning is not the most important part of the simulation.
  • Black Thursday…Will History Repeat Itself?: Use current conditions to research and highlight the crash that precipitated the Great Depression.
  • Chocolate Charts: Team will develop charts and graphs based on portfolio.
  • How do I Make a Million Dollars That Is: Questions to help develop math calculations, matrices, graphs, charts, spreadsheets, averages, and percentages.
  • How To Choose a Stock: Lesson 14, from Learning from the Market
  • SMG Power Point Project Portfolio: Team will develop a  presentation based on portfolio
  • Stock Market Savvy: Investing for your future. Designed for middle school and high school students, this program contains eight activities that introduce students to the financial world of long-term savings and investment in stocks.
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