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In the Governor’s Challenge students demonstrate their knowledge in economics and/or personal finance. In March, teams of 3 to 4 high school students complete 30-question quiz(es) in 35 minutes in the Online Challenges. There is no charge to participate.

Teachers may register their students now to participate in the >>EconChallenges and/or the >>FinanceChallenge . Teachers have flexibility to schedule the Challenges over several weeks in March and will have access to their students’ team and individual scores.


All-Day Championship Event: April 11, 2019

Teams with top Online Challenge scores are recognized regionally and statewide. Teams with the highest scores are invited to participate in an exciting, all-day statewide championship event on April 11 in Richmond, VA. State Champions can advance to national competitions. There is no fee to participate in the Governor’s Challenge.

Entrepreneurship Institute: Putting Ideas Into Action Professional Development Institute March 2019 Four Days

During March 2019, the Center for Economic Education at Virginia Tech and the Virginia Council on Economic Education invite all SW Virginia
area middle and high school educators to attend our:

Entrepreneurship Institute:
Putting Ideas into Action

Professional Development Event for Educators

Location: Roanoke, VA

Dates: March 2, 4, 16 & March 18

Who Can Attend:
All Middle and High School Public, Private & Homeschool Educators

There is no charge for this event.

Link for more information and to signup:

Life After High School Professional Development March 6 Richmond VA

Our Life After High School professional development program helps educators guide students plan for their futures by applying an economic way of thinking.

Life After High School:
Navigating Education, Career & Debt
Professional Development Program
4 to 7 pm, March 6, 2019
Richmond, VA
All Grade 5, Middle School & High School Teachers & Counselors Welcome
There is no fee or charge for this program.

Register Now:

Sign-up for a special three-hour Life After High School professional development program for Grade 5, Middle School & High School teachers and counselors.

This three-hour program is on March 6, 2019, from 4 to 7 pm at a convenient location in downtown Richmond, VA.

The instructor is Dr. Stephen Day, director VCU Center for Econ Ed and the workshop is co-hosted by The Virginia Council on Economic Education.

All Welcome! Please Register Now:

Dr. Cheryl Ayers Honored with Grant Renewal for her Work on the United States Economic Empowerment Project

Congratulations to Dr. Cheryl Ayers, co-director of the Center for Economic Education at Virginia Tech, for the renewal of grant funding support for the United States Economic Empowerment Project. With the leadership of Dr. Ayers, the goal of this project is to provide low socioeconomic and low educational attainment adults an opportunity to learn basic economics, personal finance, and entrepreneurship knowledge and skills required to make better economic decisions and to effectively participate in the U.S. entrepreneurially-driven economy. The Calvin K. Kazanjian Economics Foundation Inc. is supporting the U.S. Economic Empowerment Project through an on-going grant. The Kazanjian Foundation is a non-profit educational organization with a focus on economic illiteracy.

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