Meet Dr. Thomas Sowell, ECON MVP!

Meet our Econ MVP for the week, Dr. Thomas Sowell! He’s the Rose & Milton Friedman Senior Fellow at The Hoover Institution at Stanford University, boasting over 55 years of experience as an economist. Dr. Sowell’s national syndicated newspaper column and his book, “Basic Economics,” have made him a household name. This book simplifies complex economic concepts, serving as a citizen’s guide to economics, devoid of jargon and graphs. His famous quote, “But life does not ask us what we want. It presents us with options. Economics is one of the ways of trying to make the most of those options,” resonates with many.

Dr. Sowell’s literary contributions have been invaluable, making economics accessible to all.


We’re excited to introduce you to Robb Shinn, a Partner at Capital Results, LLC, and a vital member of our Board of Directors here at the Virginia Council on Economic Education.

We asked Robb an important question: “What is one financial skill or piece of knowledge you possess now that you wish you had learned sooner?”

His answer is both insightful and valuable: “The concept of compounding interest is important on so many levels, particularly when it comes to savings for retirement. Starting to put aside a little money each month when you’re young makes such a difference in multiplying your overall savings.”

Robb’s wisdom highlights the power of compounding interest and the importance of early savings for a secure financial future.

Join us in thanking Robb Shinn for his dedication to financial education and his valuable contributions to our organization!

Special Teams Tuesday Spotlight: U of L – CNU

Huddle up, folks! It’s time for another Special Teams Tuesday spotlight, and this week, we’re diving into the economics playbook with the University of Lynchburg Director, Anne Chamberlin, and Christopher Newport University Director, Dr. Rik Chakraborti.

We’re proud to support a statewide network of Centers for Economic Education located at colleges and universities across the Commonwealth.

These centers are the playbook for economic education, offering training and resources that rival the best game plans. And guess what? Their dedicated staff are the ultimate quarterbacks, helping to facilitate efforts with local school divisions which reaches so many students.

At VCEE, we believe that economic education is the MVP of success, and together with our partner universities, we’re marching down the field towards a brighter, more economically literate future for Virginia’s students!

Join us next Tuesday at we spotlight two more of our University partners.

Meet Jadrian Wooten, Econ MVP!

Meet Jadrian Wooten, our first Econ MVP in the All-Star Sundays series!

An award-winning educator and researcher at Virginia Tech, he’s known for his book “Parks and Recreation and Economics” and his weekly newsletter, “The Monday Morning Economists.”

Jadrian’s research combines teaching pedagogy and sports economics, making him an MVP in economics education. He’s also a leader in integrating media into economics teaching. Follow him for insights that score big! 

Beyond the classroom, Jadrian is committed to shaping the future of economics education. He’s dedicated to creating resources for university and high school economics instructors, ensuring students get the best education possible. Join him on this academic journey and stay tuned for more Econ MVPs! 

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